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Nothing beats California stylin'.
When he was a kid, Keith used to cruise around the waterfront,
seeing who was around and just enjoying the laid-back vibes
of such an effortlessly cool place. And the effortless
cool must have rubbed off, as he grew into someone who
others always wanted to be around.

I used to wonder: if I wanted to capture the offhand chill that
Keith had, what would I have to do? Now obviously, things
like that aren't so simple, but there was one way I always
thought could work.

He had this look about him, something the whole world admired.
It was hard not to admire; it was like he had captured summer
and carried it on his back — every day.  

So, I asked Keith 'How do you feel about sharing some of your cool?'
I was sure he'd say no. But he didn't — ‘cos the man is a dude!
And now I get to share his chill with you.